About Us

Who we are?

Vistaplus technology schools is the arm of Vistaplus Technology that is focus on delivery Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to schools to improve service delivery in schools to meet up with good standard.

We aim to help schools achieve their intended purpose with the use of our services that is offered at almost no cost and with active support to ensure stability and growth for schools.

We at Vistaplus believe children are leaders of tomorrow and we have a role to play to help them become excellent leaders through our programs and services.

Science and technology is the bedrock for development and advancement

We can improve learning and make education efficient!

We are committed to educating every child because every child have the potential to change the world

Our services are excellent, our team is enthusiastic, our goal is the satisfaction of clients and customers!

We make school management easy and create activities for school clubs

Our Skills

Improving standard of education
Science and Technology
School applications and software
Service delivery