The competition held on the 17th of may, 2019 at 10:40am. The opening prayer was taken by Mr Babatunde Kareem. Miss Titilope also recognised the panel of judges and gave the opening speech. At 10:47am, the Debate kicked off properly with only four schools present for Group B's Debate and Quiz competition with Ivory Dominion College and Young Talent School as the first participants of the Debate.

Ivory Dominion College was for the  notion that same sex school is better than mixed sex school and Abogunrin Simeon was the chief speaker while Ajao Ayodele was the supporting speaker. Ayeni Demilade Olasubomo, chief speaker and Alao Eniola, supporting speaker for Young Talent Group of School spoke against the notion and their debate ended at 11:01am.

Next was Glorious College  with Oyelere Promise as the chief speaker and Adeyemo Ayomide as the supporting speaker in support of the notion that books and memory should be the only sources of information for students while CFADEB school opposed the notion with Olorunda Deborah as the chief speaker and Odumade Damilola as the supporting speaker. This debate ended at 11:13am. The judges gave the schools their take on their debate. They also gave corrections, suggestions and encouragement to each participants.

There was a ten(10) minutes break before the Quiz competition which started at 11:25am and below is the list of the Quiz contestants.
* Ivory Dominion College
—Abogunrin Simeon
—Akinseinde Olayinka
* Young Talent Group of School
—Olawale Matthew
—Ademola Opeyemi
* Glorious College 
—Abiona Ibrahim
—Oyetunji Islamist
* CFADEB School
—Olorunda Deborah
—Odumade Ifeoluwa

At the end of the Quiz competition, each schools as aforementioned came up with these overall scores
Ivory Dominion College — 40
Young Talent Group Of School — 30
Glorious College — 20
CFADEB School — 15

Finally from the cumulation of both Debate and Quiz competition, 
Ivory Dominion College came up with a total of 77
Young Talent Group of School got a total of 60
Glorious School ended up with a total of 61
CFADEB School came up with a total of 51.25 thereby qualifying Ivory Dominion College and Young Talent Group of School for the next round of the competition as they took 1st and 2nd positions respectively.

Mr Bello then announced the results and encouraged the schools that were not qualified. Miss Titilope gave gifts and refreshments to all the guests and participants. After the program, pictures were taken with all the schools that participated in the program.