The final group debate and quiz competition which brings us to the end of the group stages started at 10:24am on Friday the 31st of May 2019 with Mr Olumide taking the opening prayer. Miss titilope took the opening speech after recognizing the judges and participating schools at 10:27am.

 The debate between the schools commenced a little bit late as we waited for some of the participating schools to arrive the venue but took off properly at 11:00am starting with High Tower Schools and By His Wound Intensive College. Okafor Emmanuel and Adefarasin Deborah were the chief speaker and supporting speaker for High Tower Schools and they supported the notion that What a man can do, a woman can equally do the same. The chief speaker, Olawole Comfort and supporting speaker Eze Emmanuel of By His Wound Intensive College were against this notion and the debate ended at 11:16am. Next was Oxford Brookes with Akinyemi Feranmi as the chief speaker and Ogunlari Boluwatife as the supporting speaker in support of the notion that Social networks should be banned for people under 21. The opposing school was Molete Baptist and chief speaker Olufemi Praise and supporting speaker Adeyinka-Omoleye Kehinde spoke against the notion that Social Networks  should be banned for people under 21 and the debate ended at 11:32am.

The last contesting schools for the debate were Cleveland College and Feeders College. Cleveland college had Temade Adeniji and Tolubori Aboderin as its chief speaker and supporting speaker for the notion that Rich people should pay higher taxes than the poor people. Jimoh Mustapha and Lawal Omotolani the chief speaker and supporting speaker of Feeders College apposed the notion. This round of the debate ended quite early as the speakers from Feeders college were not able to give their points or reason why they opposed the notion due to stage fright. The students were given 15minutes break before the quiz competition.

The quiz competition commenced immediately after the break with the following students representing their schools below
?High Tower Schools
—Ajide Kehinde
—Orie Wisdom
?By His Wound Intensive College
—Adebayo Emmanuel
—Oladipupo Inioluwa
?Oxford Brookes 
—Adegoke Feranmi
—Ogudare Faruk
?Molete Baptist College
—Adeyinka-Omoleye Taiwo
—Osumakinde Pelumi
?Cleverland College
—Nathaniel Adebayo
—Awe Oluwatofunmi
?Feeders College
—Olubode Tosin
—Momoh Ometere

At the end of the quiz competition, the following schools as aforementioned came up with these overall scores
High Tower Schools–35
By His Wound Intensive College –20
Oxford Brookes College–32
Molete Baptist College–32
Cleverland College–44
Feeders College–35

Finally from the cummulation of both the Quiz and debate scores
High Tower Schools came up with a total of 73 points
By His Wound Intensive College ended up with a total of 59 points
Oxford Brookes College came up with a total of 74 points
Molete Baptist College ended up with a total of 71 points
Cleverland College came up with a total of 84 points 
Feeders  College ended up with a total of 60 points
This therefore qualified High Tower Schools,Oxford Brookes College and Cleverland College for the Semi-final 1 as well as other schools who had qualified in the previous group stages.

Mr Bello announced the results and encouraged the schools who had done well in the debate and quiz reminding them of the vision and mission of the organization and not to feel inferior. Miss gave out gifts and refreshments to guests and the final group stage of the Vistaplus quiz and debate competition ended well.