Management of School Activities and record with Vistaplus Technology school Management Solution

Vistaplus Technology school information management system enables you to record all the admission data quickly. By using the software, the management does not need to worry about handling manual work for the registration. It allows you to manage and customize the data as per your rules & regulations. The software offers offline & online enrollment, where students have more visibility of courses and schedules. Frequently, the school management system is self-explanatory so the students can secure their registration in your school. Also, the admission process form can be sent to the parents or students with the digital system. In this case, you will have the necessary details of students before they walk into your school. So, you can confirm more admissions in a short time.

The School Administrators can use this vistaplus Technology School Management System, subject teachers, class teachers, students and parents for keeping, monitoring, maintaining and managing school records and progress like students/staff records and information, fees/account records, Students Registration Online and Offline, Online/Offline Assessments and Results, Assigning of Students to classes, registration of school’s desired subjects and assigning them to students etc. with a robust database that can be accessed online and offline. Vistaplus Technology school management system software collaborates parents, students, school administration on a single platform. The system allows ease of communication between the connected members, anywhere & anytime and make the school relevant globally.

Benefits of Implementing Vistaplus Technology School Management Software to Schools: Vistaplus Technology School management software is used by different schools to simplify their processes. It is a result of technological changes that have been continuously developed. This development also brings a significant impact in the field of education. Nowadays, the use of pen and paper is limited to quite extend and is replaced by smartphones and software. Most of the schools use different software to make the process easier. Vistaplus Technology school management software or solution is a school software with a set of modules that lets the schools smoothly run the organization. The solution helps in managing end to end school operations right from student admission to a student leaving. Other benefits include mentioning few. 1. Free website managed by the school with support from Vistaplus Team. 2. Free SMS platform for the school. 3. Addition of Special features based on the needs of the school 4. Enhancement of professional image projected to schools. 5. Backup of school information (staff, students, and students’ performance), which can be accessed at any time.

Benefits of Vistaplus Technology School Management Software to Parents: Staying connected with a child’s academic progress is quite difficult for parents, especially for working parents. Vistaplus management software allows parents to log onto parents portal and check up-to-date information as; • Easier communication with teachers • Greater access to more accurate child’s performance, attendance and payment dues. • Helping parents to actively engage in school activities like School events, holidays, grades, PTA meeting etc. • Frequent interaction with teachers & management. • Increased involvement in education for parents and, in some cases, improved self-esteem • Higher quality student reports – more legible, more detailed, better presented • Improved parental care and behaviour management through better tracking of students.

Benefits of Vistaplus Technology School Management Software to Teachers; teachers need to maintain the smooth functioning of the class. Vistaplus Technology School management solution helps teachers with; • Gains in ICT literacy skills, confidence and enthusiasm. • Easy access to the student record, and records regarding school, classroom and student activities. • Computerized management of marks and grades and other relevant students’ information. • Schedule timetable & examination schedule in advance. • Quick process in report card generation. • Efficient & effective interaction with parents. • Access to Internal mailing system for communication between staff and parents • Create an outline or curriculum for subjects thought in schools. • Regular use of ICT across different curriculum subjects can have a beneficial motivational influence on students’ learning.

Benefits of Vistaplus Technology School Management Software to Students: Vistaplus management software helps students in improving the opportunity to learn and communicate. It allows students to increase engagement in the classroom as well as in school activities. Some of the advantages of students are • Students can access educational materials from the school website (online library) anytime and anywhere. • Access to attendance record, timetable, marks, assignment, grades & examination schedule. • Smoother interaction with teachers & parents. • Tracking self-progress. • Prior information regarding school events & holidays