The importance of ICT in Education and learning

Information and communications technology (ICT) is an extensional term for Information Technology (IT) that stresses the role of and unified communication in the integration of telecommunication (telephones, lines, and wireless signals) and computers, as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audiovisual systems, that enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. Information and communication technology in schools can be used as a school communication tool to improve student learning and better teaching techniques. With the advancement of technology in education, schools adopt school communication software to transmit, store, share, or exchange information. Considering the impact of Vistaplus Technology towards making ICT relevant in teaching and learning.

Vistaplus Technology school management system is a web-based tool used by School Administrators, subject teachers, class teachers, students, and parents; for keeping, monitor, maintain, and manage school records and progress. It's developed with a robust database that can be accessed online and offline. This web-based expert system product improves schools' quality and effectiveness by helping and empowering educators, school administrators, and government with academic information, digitization of critical processes, Student registration, relevant assessment tools, access to educational resources, collaboration, and interaction online and offline. Furthermore, the school management solution allows primary and secondary schools to manage all school processes and achieve quick information processing at no cost. This package perfectly meets every primary and secondary school's needs. Every school administrator is interested in bringing the benefits of IT or ICT to staff, students, stakeholders, parents, and the general community.

Vistaplus Technology provides schools with the development of a website that holds the school information, news/bulletin, and other information. More importantly, the School Management Expert System is integrated with the website, which has made the use of ICT to be used to a significant extent by teachers or schools in making provision of knowledge and information to the students. Moreover, students are provided with an online library where access to textbooks, Assignment, practical, past questions and submission of articles on various educational topics are made available with the provision of souvenirs to get engaged in regular practice with the primary objective augmenting their technical skills.

Vistaplus Technology School Club (VTSC): This is an extracurricular activity for students in science classes to describe how to use the conceptual basics of science, engineering, and information and communication technology. This program contributed positively to the personal development and future economic well-being of students. It developed their skills of working independently and cooperatively and, in most cases, motivating and engaging. Students are provided with a wealth of opportunities to engage in and develop their ICT skills. They enjoy the benefit of using the latest high-quality technology and are given a wide variety of experiences by the time they graduate. However, ICT is taught not only as a subject but also to enhance learning in other issues.

Vistaplus Technology School documentary (VTSD): this program aims to get necessary information about schools through an interview, copies of the text documents and pictures, etc. to publicize and make schools relevant globally. The extensive use of ICT has rendered a significant contribution to improving environmental learning conditions. Hence, it can be stated that with the use of ICT for research and documentary, students are making use of computers in preparing their assignments, reports, and projects in a well-organized manner. With the advent of technology, there has been an increase in rational and logical thinking among students and teachers. The teachers can put into practice the evaluation methods in an appropriate manner and assess students' academic performance. With extensive use of technologies, students and teachers can acquire useful understanding in terms of various topics, subjects, and areas through the internet. Hence, it is regarded to be of utmost significance in bringing about improvements in the quality and accessibility of education and bringing about changes in the processes of teaching and learning by adding the elements of liveliness to the learning environments.

In conclusion, Vistaplus Technology (Software Solution Provider) has made a significant contribution to bringing about improvements in the education system in numerous ways. The members of the educational institutions are not only able to enhance their knowledge and understanding in terms of several aspects, but also can carry out the tasks and activities in an operative manner.