Features of a good school management system

What is School Management System? It is a software application that simplifies various processes of schools or colleges while conveniently and smartly bringing administrators, teachers, students, and parents together. It is a web-based application for effective and efficient administration and management of information about schools and colleges. It helps to manage admissions, timetable, fees, bills, attendance, and evaluation of staff and students. Apart from staff management, it also helps in allotting exam centers, question papers' requirements, marks and results, and library management. It saves a lot of time and as well a considerable amount of money. At Vistaplus Technology, a reputed school management system software developing company located in Ibadan, Nigeria where schools can get to design and develop user-friendly and customized school management system software depending on the needs with a robust database that can be accessed online and offline. The highlighted features of Vistaplus Technology school management system are beneficial for schools to function smoothly and eventually help them to focus more on providing quality education to the students.

Availability of Web and Mobile app ensures better functioning: As almost everyone uses smartphones nowadays, Vistaplus Technology School Management Web & Mobile app has made it easier for the students, teachers, and management staff to access information and execute different school-related works smoothly. Data Management: The vast amount of data that gets produced regularly in schools requires a safe and secure place to manage them; this is the reason why Vistaplus Technology management system provides schools with a robust and secure database of school information that can be accessed online and offline by staff, students and parents.

Library Management: Vistaplus Technology school management system provides school with personal online library resources, which help to keep track of the books available in the school library with detailed information about the genre and subject of each book to the students and teachers.

Admission & Registration details of students: Vistaplus Technology School Management System provides a feature for student information registration. It keeps track of student class, assessments, and subjects offered. The data related to student's admission, registration, promotion, and exam report can be accessed online and offline as required by the school. Staff Management: This module helps to manage all the data related to the staff working in the school. The system manages information such as subjects taught, class teacher role, and staff details plus signature and even provides a unique feature to create a separate account for each staff. Fees and Bills Management (with receipt and bills generation): Vistaplus Technology School Management System smoothly manages the entire school fee and bill related features like fee/bill payment, conducting and managing of online payments, and also, generating of receipt about fee payment. This feature enables schools to manage the records of student payment in the school.

Timetable Management: Vistaplus Technology School management system efficiently creates and maintains the time-table of subjects and the daily routine of teachers. It even provides information on a specific topic or chapter of a particular subject taught during a class, along with the name of the teacher. This system helps the school management to get an idea about the schedule of education that is provided to the student.

Result Grading Management and Online Result Checking: Vistaplus Technology School management system provides a customizable feature where students’ assessment marks are registered and automatically assigns the expected grades and compute the students’ results. However, students’ academic results and performances can be viewed and printed online by student/parent at any location on their account through mobile or any digital devices with their login details.

Computer-Based Test/Examination: Vistaplus Technology School Management System provides schools with an internal online/offline platform that allow schools to conduct computer-based assessments for students. It replaces the conventional method of pen and paper for conducting test and examination. Also, free online past questions, including WAEC/ JAMB (2000 till Date), are available for practice. This helps to prepare students for external examinations.

Vista plus Technology School management system software has the above features that help schools or colleges smoothly function and look after its administration and management and provide high-quality facilities to its teaching staff, students, and the parents. Seamless and transparent communication between the teachers and parents and the students helps elevate the quality of education and encourage them to make progress in their lives. So, if you are also looking to avail of a school information management system, then get in touch with Vistaplus Technology Schools. You will fill this place to be a one-stop solution to meet your need related to school management. However, embracing this opportunity, in a few years from now, the school will become exceptional and epitome in terms of service (and content) delivery and information management.