The Benefit of Computer-Based Test Over The Paper-Based Test.

Computer-based tests (CBT) are the examination conducted with the use of the computer instead of paper and pencil. Computer-based tests are widely used in different areas like colleges, schools, competitive exams, employee training programs, and so on. During CBT examination, candidates are required to sit before a computer, and the questions are presented on the monitor. The candidates submit the answers through the use of keyboard and mouse. Each computer is connected to a server either offline or online, which prepares the question set and delivers it to the candidates on the computer. While a paper-based test (PBT) is a test where the questions are printed on a paper, and the answers are expected to be submitted on a paper, and PBT is usually completed in a day to all candidates. Candidates are required to bring with them a pencil, biro, mathematical set, and calculator, whereas the question paper and answer sheets will be provided at the test center. Vistaplus Technology schools are collaborating with some education institution to provide CBT services to handle assessment that is taken by students.

The use of the CBT is better than PBT in many ways; for example, the training of many test proctors (invigilators) is a complicated factor in PBT examination. The reason is that it is not possible to guarantee whether the proctors will be available in the next exam. Also, one of the problems with PBT is that the question paper can hardly be used again, or at least not for a long time. This constitutes paper waste and difficulty in reusing the questions because the question is already exposed to all after the examination is taken. There is also, in PBT examination, a high risk of cheating and other malpractice among the candidates. Therefore, the cost of content preparation increases, not only because of the frequent need for new questions but also the intelligence involved in coordinating the examination. In the end, the coherence of the exam can always be questioned: who guarantees the success of the exam, the set of questions to be taken, and when results will be ready. The position of Vistaplus technology schools is to overcome the challenges with PBT to help both the examiner and the candidate to have a successful examination. The services provided Vistaplus technology schools CBT is flexible to suit the institution (or examiner) that needs to conduct a test.

More so, most PBT is conducted in a few places. This form of test is used in most of the educational institution that does not have the resources to organize and manage CBT. Consequently, many PBT tests are limited in their application in terms of time and space (a few places). However, CBT brings a great advantage, since the candidates can choose where and when they want to take their tests. This advantage makes it more conducive for the candidate to plan their preparation accordingly for the exam. CBT approach even makes it possible to pick a convenient day and also choose a test center in a different location. Furthermore, the highest priority is the protection of the integrity of the examination questions and the area. Thus, it is necessary to put in place security measures to guard against theft and disorderliness. Considering these factors, PBT often suffers from many challenges compared to CBT. These lapses in PBT are some of the advantages and strength inherent in CBT.