DSMS is a web-based tool used by School Administrators, subject teachers, class teachers, students and Parents; for keeping, monitoring, maintaining and managing school records and progress. It’s developed with a robust database that can be accessed online and offline.

DSMS include the following:
  1. A web-based School Management Expert system (Tool used for keeping, monitoring maintaining, managing school records (Like students/staff records and information, fees/account records, Students Registration Online and Offline, Online/Offline Assessments and Results, Assigning of Students to classes, Registration of school’s desired subjects and assigning them to students, etc.) with a robust database that can be accessed online and offline.
  2. A website. The website will hold the school information, news/bulletin and other information, and most importantly the School Management Expert System
  3. DSMS is a web based expert system Product that improves the quality and effectiveness of schools, by helping and empowering educators, school administrators and government with academic information, digitization of key processes, Student registration, relevant assessment tools, access to educational resources, collaboration, and interaction online and offline.
  4. DSMS allows Primary and Secondary Schools manage all school processes, helps to achieve quick information processing at no cost. This package perfectly meet the needs of every Primary and Secondary schools. And every school administrator interested in bringing the benefits of IT to staff, students, stakeholders, Parents, and the general community should deploy DSMS.

We have you all covered for your school!


  1. Robust Database management system
  2. Student registration management
  3. Staff management
  4. Admission processing (Online and offline)
  5. Computer-Based Test Platform
  6. Fees and bills management (with receipt and bills generation)
  7. Result Grading management
  8. Text messaging
  9. Time table generator
  10. School calendar, articles and feedback
  11. Online result checking
  12. Offline result generation and Printing
  13. School personal online library resources
  14. Integrated email platform
  15. Mobile Application